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Water Cooler

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to keep staff or clients hydrated, or you need a reliable source of healthy drinking water for your family – by renting a Neverfail water cooler you will have access to worry-free drinking water at your fingertips. No need to commit to costly and high-maintenance plumbed in solutions. Simply rent a water cooler from us for wherever you need it and for however long you need it.

No plumbing required

Easy set-up, no installation required. No risk of potential contaminants through old pipes.


Need to move your water supply - all you have to do is unplug it, move it, plug it back in.

Low maintenance

Keep your cooler hygienic with these handy tips and for annual sanitisation simply raise a service request with us.

Environmentally friendly

Our bottles and equipment are reusable and save the planet from unnecessary plastic pollution.

Convenient and affordable

Delivery and pick-up whenever and wherever plus flexible rental periods instead of a lump-sum expense of owning a built-in solution.



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The original classic design is being used to supply our Neverfail spring water with ease. Notably, our refreshing spring water coolers solution are installed in households, companies, worksites, hospitals and public institutions. Hot or Cold, Grey or White; Neverfail top loading coolers are vigorously tested and certified to uphold international standards with a casing that durable, resists fading and yellowing.

Product voltage: 220V
Electricity Usage Rate (Hot & Cold): 2.35 kwh/day
As little as $0.95 per day*
Room Water Temperature: 6°C - 15°C
Cold Water Temperature: 1°C - 7°C
Hot Water Temperature: 83°C - 94°C
Cold Tank Size: 3.8 Litre
Hot Tank Size: 2.0 Litre
Cold Water Flow Rate: 57.5ml/sec
Hot Water Flow Rate: 30ml/sec
Net Weight: 16kg




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When space is an issue and a demand for refreshing spring water is needed, the Neverfail benchtop coolers are the answer! Perfect for the office or your home. This ideal compact water cooler is the classic Australian spring water counter space. The Neverfail Benchtop Water Cooler uses 11-15 litre bottles, which also allow acces to cold water for drinking whilst providing hot water.

Product voltage: 220V
Electricity Usage Rate (Hot & Cold): 0.25 kwh/day
As little as $0.95c per day*
Room Water Temperature: 5°C - 23°C
Cold Water Temperature: 2°C - 10°C
Hot Water Temperature: 77°C - 93°C
Cold Tank Size: 3.2 Litre
Hot Tank Size: 1.8 Litre
Cold Water Flow Rate: 40.12ml/sec
Hot Water Flow Rate: 33.46ml/sec
Net Weight: 16kg




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Space-saving and no electricity required, our ceramic well is the perfect solution for having cool, natural spring water available in small spaces, with no lock-in cooler rental contract and for avoiding the waste and hassle of single-use plastic bottles. With a built-in piercing spike, simply turn the 11L or 15L Neverfail Spring Water bottle upside down into the ceramic well and enjoy cool, natural spring water dispensed through a faucet. Ceramic has the added benefit of keeping the water at room temperature without the use of electricity.


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