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WA Container Deposit Scheme

What is the 'Container Deposit Scheme'?

The WA Government Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) will begin in Western Australia on 1st October, 2020. Called ‘Containers for change’ this is the WA Government program to reduce littering by encouraging people to collect and return containers for recycling.

The implementation of the Containers for Change CDS is impacting all beverage manufacturers and suppliers in WA and as a result, is having flow-on effects to our customers.

While most of our products at Neverfail are not part of ‘Containers for Change’ as the container size is outside the range covered, Neverfail will be implementing an additional charge to reflect these new costs in our pricing on affected products that are captured by ‘Containers for Change’.

The pricing of the following list of Neverfail products will not be impacted by the CDS as they are not eligible under the scheme.
• 5 and 10 litre spring water casks;
• 11 and 15 litre returnable spring water bottles; or
• 15 litre one-way spring water PET bottles.

Eligible beverage containers under the WA CDS are those between 150ml and 3litres, excluding some beverage types. For more information about the CDS and eligible beverage containers, please visit:
Containers for Change Scheme Coordinator
Containers for Change Scheme CDS information

When will the change occur?

•The Scheme Coordinator requires suppliers to pay into the Containers for Change CDS from Thursday 1st October.
•As such, Neverfail will apply the additional charges described above from Monday 5th October. You will see changes in your invoices from this date. Our ambition is to keep costs as low as possible. We are not seeking to make a profit from the Containers for Change CDS.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Neverfail Spring Water.