Neverfail Spring Water

'Neverfail' Branded Coolers

Our ‘Neverfail’ branded coolers come in a variety of colours including;  white, grey and stainless steel. All available in either Cook and Cold or Hot and Cold. Perfect for a cold drink in summer or a cup of soup in winter. If you prefer room temperature spring water, why not try our Ceramic Well which dispenses 'Neverfail' Spring Water from the in-built tap. Click here for details of our types of water coolers.

'Neverfail' Spring Water

'Neverfail' Spring Water is sourced from some of the finest protected springs in Australia. Our natural springs are selected on the basis of mineral composition. Our bulk returnable water bottles comes in a variety of sizes, 11 or 15 Litre, depending on location and needs.  We also offer a 15 Litre One-Way PET bottle, where returnable bottles are not suitable for our customers. For people who want water on-the-go, we offer 600mL and 1.5 Litre (South Australia Only) PET bottles. More details here.  


'Neverfail' Spring Water Casks

We have convenient 5 Litre or 10 Litre casks which are perfect for outdoor activities such as travelling, camping, boating or at home where space may be limited.  More details here.  

'Neverfail' Branded Racks

Our ‘Neverfail’ branded racks are a great way to safely store your full or empty bottle and come in either a 3 or 6 bottle formats. More details here.

'Neverfail' Branded Drinking Cups

Made from high quality, durable paper. Our paper cups can be used for cold or hot beverages (up to 95oC). Paper cups reduce the time spent fetching, cleaning and storing mugs, and therefore reduce the amount of work time lost to tea and coffee breaks.

Ideal for businesses for your employees or clients to use. Our plastic cups are made from high quality, durable plastic that will last the day at an employee's desk.


We have Neverfail branded water cooler covers that fit neatly over 15 Litre water bottle. Made from a soft but durable open cell foam with polyester outer, it provides UV Rating of 50+ protection for your spring water for coolers located in direct sunlight.

Our wooden stands are a great addition to a ceramic well available in both benchtop or freestanding.

Cup holders are standard on all commercial coolers.They are also provided free to residential customers who order cups from Neverfail.

The child proof tap is always installed on the hot tap of Hot and Cold Coolers. On request, we are happy to supply you with a child proof tap for your Cook and Cold taps.

Details of our accessories can be found here.