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Around The Water Cooler

How to prevent dehydration at work

Work is a big part of people’s lives, with the average worker spending 37 hours a week in the office. While people may try and keep to healthy habits, with meetings and busy schedules at work, these habits can slip.

One of the most important habits is keeping well hydrated. It can help concentration and productivity, and even helps with physical strength. From office jobs to outdoor jobs, the benefits of good staff hydration can be great for both staff and employers.

As an employer, you’re required to be supplying adequate water in the workplace, but how do you know how much you need? It could vary from the heat, or even whether you’ve got air conditioning. So here’s your guide for how to keep your staff hydrated:

How much water should you have in your workplace?

Knowing how much water you need to keep your workforce healthy can be a challenge. Luckily, a simple calculator, can help you understand the amount of water required by simply inputting the amount of team members, clients, and your office set-up.

It won’t just tell you the amount, but also how to make the water available so that you’ve got a happy and well hydrated office.

Top 10 tips for hydrating at work

Educate your team –

The first step to preventing dehydration, is helping your team to understand the recommended daily intake of water. You can do this by sharing the company intentions around hydration, and all of the benefits of drinking water at work.

Make water available –

Once your staff are up to speed on their water intake, it’s up to you to make it available. Installing a water cooler is a great way of providing hot and cold water as a fixture to the office, and a hydration station gets workers up out of the seats to re-fill.

Provide water bottles –

If your staff are more out-and-about than sitting down, why not provide company water bottles which will keep their drinking top of mind. Not only that, each employee will be proudly toting the company on every trip out of the office.

Add some flavour -

Water is great on its own, but some people need a little zest to make eight glasses something to look forward to. An easy way to make drinking more appealing is by providing fruit or mint to help people add a little excitement to their glass. Strawberries, lemons or limes work wonders.

Encourage breaks –

In a busy office, it can be tricky to get time to re-hydrate. A simple way to formalise employee time are breaks throughout the day. Quick 5-minute breaks each hour, can improve productivity if employees are well hydrated.

Be aware of the environment –

Staff who are located in offices may need to drink less water each day than staff operating equipment, or those who are out in the heat each day. For those team members performing more manual tasks, make sure to supply more water, and instigate more structured breaks to rehydrate.

Track water intake –

To keep water top of mind, you can have a little fun, too. You can encourage employees to track their water intake with apps such as Waterlogged, or FitBit, and provide small prizes for those who reach their targets. A little healthy office competition never hurt anyone.

Pop up reminder signs –

Do you think your staff will forget to drink? There’s a simple answer. Putting up reminder signs in the office, helps to jog people’s memory and have them reaching for the glass.

Educate managers about dehydration –

Teach your business leaders how to spot the signs of dehydration. Not only will this help your staff, it’ll also help your business. If you see a team member a little dehydrated, it’s now easy to provide a helping hand.