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Around The Water Cooler

How to get your kids to drink more water (without a fight)

There is no question that the secret to good health is hydration, and the habit of drinking water from an early age will not only support your kids’ development, but set them up for a lifetime of wellbeing. But how do we encourage our kids to drink more water when the first thing they reach for is fruit juice and soft drink? How can we get them to choose cool, clear, refreshing spring water rather than something full of sugar and processed chemicals? The answer lies in the type of water you offer them. Here are 5 ways to easily convince your kids to drink more water.

1. Offer the best taste

Let’s face it, tap water doesn’t always taste so great. It runs through old pipes, it is pumped full of chlorine and who knows what seeps into the water supply. Neverfail Spring Water is one of the best options for great tasting water which is free of pollutants, harmful chemicals and that odd chlorine taste.

2. Provide water already cooled

Luke warm tap water is never going to satisfy you or your kids on a hot day. The temperature of the water inside the Neverfail water coolers is a refreshing 4 degrees Celsius, which makes it as cooling and energising as a soft drink or fruit juice without all the extra sugar.

3. Give them ready access to continuous supply

Kids usually grab the closest thing on hand, so without even opening the fridge, Neverfail Spring Water is right there. Water coolers are the perfect height for kids to self-serve. At the touch of a button, they can have a convenient glass of cool, clear, spring water to relieve their thirst.

4. Make it an environmental project

The earth is struggling under the weight of too much rubbish, and adding cans and bottles to this does not help the environment. By having a Neverfail Spring Water Cooler in your home, you can encourage your family to live a more sustainable existence. Fill your kids’ school water bottles or sports training bottles over and over again.

5. Spend more time with your kids by reducing trips to the shops

While we live in a time when health directives encourage us to limit our exposure to crowds, reducing the number of times we go to the shops is a great idea. Neverfail Spring Water is delivered to your door so you can have as much water as you and your family need on hand at any time without ever having to leave the house.

In short, the way to get kids to drink more water for their growth, development and future vitality is to make it fun, healthy and easily accessible. Replace boring tap water, sugary soft drinks and juices with healthy, convenient, natural spring water delivered directly to your home.