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Environmental Impact

'Neverfail' Springwater and the Environment

You may have seen stories in the media recently criticising bottled water and its impact on the environment. These stories highlight the fact that bottled water requires energy to produce and transport and that PET plastic bottles used in packaging are not always recycled and may wind up in the general waste stream. However, these views ignore the important role which bottled water plays in our community.

Neverfail aims to provide our customers with the choice of drinking great tasting spring water in a convenient, reusable and recyclable 11 or 15 litre bottles.

We acknowledge that energy use, water use, and landfill waste are important environmental issues – and we are addressing them. We have active environmental programs to reduce energy, increase our water efficiency and promote recycling of plastic bottles. Australian recycling rates of PET plastic bottles are among the highest in the world.

Why choose 'Neverfail' bottled Springwater?

'Neverfail' is Australia’s leading spring water brand for the home and office delivery market, bringing you premium 'Neverfail' Springwater that is subjected to the most rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality. Our bottling plants are independently audited for Quality, Environment and Food safety compliance. Every plant is certified to the Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) standards in addition to having independently certified Food Safety Programs (FSP’s) incorporating the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Neverfail supports small businesses through employing the services of local independent Distributors who deliver in your local area. At Neverfail we are environmentally conscious and are actively working to reduce our environmental impact.

What is Neverfail doing to reduce its environmental footprint?

Like many companies around the world Neverfail is concerned about global warming and we are actively seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. These include reduction of energy and water use, monitoring and sustainable use of water resources, reduction of packaging material including PET and other plastics, and encouraging 100% recycling of packaging and general waste.

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