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Around The Water Cooler

Why it’s important to provide water for your employees

It’s no surprise that there are lots of benefits to drinking water at work. It can help people to concentrate, lift their moods, as well as help with productivity. With so many upsides, there’s a good reason for businesses to keep staff well hydrated.

To keep in top form, recommended daily intakes of water can help. These suggest people drink 2 litres of water, or eight glasses throughout the day. However, Australian Employment Law puts guidelines around this, recognising the need for high quality drinking water being available for staff during the day.

The drinking water at work law

The laws in Australia aim to make the workplace better, safer and healthier. Here’s a guide for the supply of water:

Water should be adequate –

The first step to keeping people hydrated, is knowing how much water is required for your staff. The law states that there must be one water point for every 40 employees, but a handy water calculator can help you understand how much you need.

It should be available –

Next, it should be readily available for people to reach. This means having a water point within 30 metres for staff. If there’s a bigger office, you’ll need several water points.

It should be free –

You should also be making sure that water is accessible for free in the office. The ability to access water frequently will help you to keep a happily hydrated team.

It should be high quality -

Make sure that the water you supply reaches the National Health Guidelines for water quality, and if safe or potable water is not available, always order your water through a reputable supplier. Neverfail’s Australian Spring Water consistently achieves the highest quality standards.

It should be cool –

You may have different sources of water in the office, and whether there’s a mains source of water or not, you should be providing cool water to keep people hydrated.

An easy way to provide this, is to look for water coolers. Not only are they a great way to provide cool water, they’re easily accessible, and keep people active to reach them.

It should be mobile –

Lastly, it should be able to move around when your staff do. Not everyone is based in an office, and whether team members are on the road, or work outside, clean and safe water should be provided.

This may be providing access to safe public water, or providing flasks of water when team members need to leave the office.