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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Coolers

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Do I have a choice of colour for my water cooler?

All freestanding coolers are available in white, grey or stainless steel.

Our benchtop coolers are available in white only.

Can I buy a water cooler?

Neverfail does not sell water coolers, other than our Neverfail Ceramic Water Well. As part of our rental agreement, we will gladly exchange a faulty cooler at any time and replace it as soon as possible. It's all part of our exceptional customer service experience.

What size are the water coolers?

The freestanding coolers are 940mm high on a base of 310mm diameter.

The benchtop cooler is 520mm high on a base of 310mm diameter.

For all the details about our water coolers, click here.

About Our Spring Water

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What sizes of bottled 'Neverfail' Spring Water do you have?

Neverfail Spring Water comes in a range of sizes and packages to meet your needs which include:

  • 15 Litre returnable bottles of Neverfail Spring Water (not available in South Australia)
  • 11 Litre returnable bottles of Neverfail Spring Water
  • 15 Litre PET One Way bottles of Neverfail Spring Water
  • 10 Litre Neverfail Spring Water casks
  • 24 bottles x 600mL Neverfail Spring Water
  • 12 bottles of 1.5 Litre Neverfail Spring Water (South Australia only)

How much water do I need to drink?

It is recommended that the average female adult drinks 8 glasses of fluid per day and male adult drinks 10 glasses of fluid per day.

For more indepth insights, go to page 61 here

Reference: National Health and Medical Research Council. Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013.

About Our Water Calculator

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How does our water calculator work?

We have developed an easy to use Water Calculator tool which helps you estimate how much water you need on a monthly basis for your home or your workplace and how many coolers you need.

  • All you need to do is select Home or Work
  • Key in the number of adults, kids & pets you have at Home or, key in the number of employees and clients or visitors you have per day at Work
  • Then select if you need a Water Cooler or if you already have one or don’t need a Water Cooler, select “Show My Recommendations”
  • The recommendations provided will estimate the number of water you need whether it be water bottles, casks or cases or 600ml on-the-go bottles (24 in a case). The quantities will be prepopulated in the quantity field for each product. Similarly, if you have selected that you need a water cooler, your number of coolers required will depend on the number of people in your Home or at Work, and the quantity will be pre-populated in the different cooler type options recommended
  • To get the pricing for your area, just type in your suburb or postcode in the green bar at the top of the website

Our recommendations are based on the following assumptions:

For Home

  • 250ml per glass of water
  • 8 glasses per day for adults (2 Litres)
  • 5 glasses per day for children (1.25 Litres)
  • 2 glasses per day for pets (0.25 Litres)
  • Reduced by 50% to allow for people not being home during the day as they might be at work, school or out of the home
  • 28 days in the month
  • This gives us the number of litres of water required per month
  • We then divide by the number of litres per product (e.g. 15L returnable bottle is divided by 15) to provide a recommended amount per product

For Work

  • 250ml per glass of water
  • 8 glasses per day for employees (2 Litres)
  • 1 glasses per day for clients (1.25 Litres)
  • Reduced to allow for 20 working days out of 28 days in the month
  • This gives us the number of litres of water required per month
  • We then divide by the number of litres per product (e.g. 15L returnable bottle is divided by 15) to provide a recommended amount per product

It is really important to stay hydrated at home or at work - so check out some tips on the best ways to hydrate.

About Our Other Products

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Do you have Water Filters available?

We do have filters under our brand 'Aqua Vital'. Our Water Filters are connected directly to your building’s existing water supply, providing the easiest, most cost-efficient way to upgrade your existing water supply to crystal clear, pure filtered water.

We offer standalone Point of Use (POU) water filters, benchtop filters, filter cartridges and under sink filter solutions, to suit any filter need or preference. Click to our filter page for more details

Do you still sell 'Pump' Drops?

Unfortunately, 'Pump' Drops, water flavour enhancers, are no longer available through Neverfail.

About Our Delivery

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Will I be reminded of my 'Neverfail' Spring Water delivery?

For all residential customers, we provide an automated phone delivery reminder service, the evening before the delivery, to let you know that your Distributor will be in your area. It's part of our ongoing efforts to offer customers an exceptional service.

Do I have to call to organise my 'Neverfail' Spring Water delivery?

We place you on a regular delivery cycle with a specified delivery date each month. A delivery calendar showing your delivery day can be downloaded here and your next scheduled delivery day is always shown on the invoice you receive on each delivery. Remember, you don't have to be home to receive your normal scheduled delivery.

Our existing customers can simply login to their Neverfail online account to view their next scheduled delivery date.

What areas do you deliver 'Neverfail' Spring Water to?

We deliver bulk Neverfail Spring Water to most metropolitan areas and most regional areas. By providing your delivery postcode and suburb, we can advise you whether we deliver to your area.

Find out more about your deliveries and to download a delivery service calendar please follow the links below:

About Our Payment Options

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Payment Options Available

We offer a number of payments methods for your convenience.

Visit Our Payment Options page for full details.

The Switch From Plastic To Paper Cups

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Will I be able to continue to order plastic cups through you?

Neverfail will stop supplying plastic cups as of January 2020. Any remaining plastic cups will be recycled through industrial partners.

Will you increase the price on paper cups?

No, we will continue to offer you the same great value on our paper cups without increasing the price.

Your paper cups still have a plastic lining in them, so are they truly sustainable?

All of the board used in our cups comes from sustainably managed forestry and can be recycled up to 7 times. The thin polyethylene (PE) plastic layer in our paper cups makes up less than 5% of the cup and is a moisture barrier. It can be separated industrially, reused and turned into new products. Overall, 80% of the materials in our paper cups are recoverable and reusable.

Why do you offer cups at all?

We encourage our customers to bring their own cup to refill it directly from the Neverfail dispenser, or purchase our 2L reusable bottles, but we understand that this is not always possible or practical in every environment and for those instances our paper cups are designed to be an alternative option.

Why aren’t you offering compostable cups?

At this time, the paper cup we’re offering is the most sustainable solution, aligned with our sustainability objectives. We continue to evolve and by partnering with us you will benefit from our ongoing innovations in sustainability.

Are your paper cups chemical free?

Yes, our paper cups are made from sustainably sourced board and produced to the highest food safety standards.

Will the size change and will they fit into my existing cup holder?

Yes, they will still fit into your existing Neverfail cup holder, no change is required.

Are there any package deals?

We offer various promotions from time to time where you will be able to stock up on your favourite items, so we encourage you to opt into our email communications or check back onto our website frequently.

General Questions

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Do I need to order a minimum quantity or dollar value?

A minimum quantity of 2 items, or, a minimum dollar value of $13 is required to complete an order.

What is my Username and Password

We have launched our new website! If you are an existing Neverfail customer, you will need to re-register online. Simply go to Register, enter your details and then select the checkbox 'Link to Existing Neverfail Account'. You will need to enter the last 9 digits of your customer number (excluding the first 0). Then all your customer details and latest invoices will be available under My Account menu.

If you have any queries or concerns, Contact Us via LiveChat for assistance.

We offer a number of payments methods for your convenience.

Visit Our Payment Options page for full details.

Please refer to our How-To Guide to learn how to make a payment online.

What fees do Neverfail charge?

A delivery fee applies to all deliveries made nationally. The delivery fee in all serviceable states and areas is currently $1.25 including GST for all areas excluding Darwin NT, which is $2.20 inc GST. The delivery fee will apply to each delivery (not each bottle) and will appear on your invoice issued at the point of delivery. The initial delivery for a new customer is free. If you require out of schedule deliveries, an express delivery charge may apply.

What are Neverfail's Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)?

You can read Neverfail's Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) whether you are a commercial or residential customer 'here.

Using Our Website

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How To Guide on our Website

We have created a simple How-To Guide to help you use our website either as a new customer signing up for the first time, or as an existing customer wanting to use our website to manage your Neverfail account.

NSW Container Deposit Scheme CDS

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NSW Government Container Deposit Scheme Implementation Update

The NSW Government Container Deposit Scheme (the CDS) will begin in NSW on 1st December, 2017. Called ‘Return and Earn’ this is a NSW Government program to reduce littering by encouraging people to collect and return containers for recycling, part of a goal to reduce litter by 40% by 2020.

The implementation of the Return and Earn CDS is impacting all beverage manufacturers and suppliers in NSW and as a result, is having flow-on effects to our customers.

Go to our NSW CDS Information page here for more details

Container Refund Scheme CRS

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QLD Government Container Refund Scheme Implementation Update

The Queensland Government is introducing a Container Refund Scheme (CRS) from 1st November 2018. Its purpose is to reduce litter entering the environment and increase recycling by paying consumers a refund amount to return eligible containers for recycling.

Under the CRS consumers who return an empty eligible drink container to an approved container refund point will receive a 10 cent refund. 

The CRS is a product stewardship arrangement. This means the cost of paying refunds, operating the scheme and recovering the containers for recycling is borne by 'beverage *manufacturers'.

The Queensland CRS will apply to all eligible containers sold for use or consumption in Queensland. Participation is mandated and legally binding.

Go to our QLD CRS information page here for more details

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